Homework of the Month: Tag-Team Chores

(For couples who struggle with the dull but necessary tasks of cohabitating, creating issues, resentments and arguments.) Chores: Nobody likes ‘em, but they’ve gotta get done, right? Is there a better way to get them done than with a partner? Even better, what if when you dust, vacuum, wash and scrub your way across this grimy rainbow and find a pot of gold at the end? So try this: When you have a day together when chores must get done, 1) Sit down together at the start of the day and make a *reasonable list of what needs to get done. *(Reasonable = achievable goals within a reasonable time period.) 2) Choose a reward together which will celebrate the completion of the chores, which will only be enjoyed AFTER completion of the chores; 3) Take turns choosing one chore at a time to complete (ideally working together). Do not start the next chore until the previous one is complete; 4) As you do them, notice how much more enjoyable chores can be when shared with a partner; 5) During the post-chore reward, be sure to congratulate each other for a job well done. Enjoy.–LRF

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