About Homework for Couples Therapists

My name is Larry Frank, marriage and family therapist for the past 25 years, practicing in beautiful Schaumburg, Illinois, recently voted by Business Week magazine the #2 place in Illinois to raise a family.  Look out Tinley Park, we’re right behind you!

Ah, back to the blog….. I developed this page (homeworkforcouples.wordpress.com), recognizing the need for marital therapists like myself to have access to ideas for our clients– but not just any old ideas, but homework ideas which have proven successful in the past, multiple times.  25 years of doing this work affords me a wealth of examples, BUT, this blog isn’t about me, it’s an attempt to grow a community.  There’s lots of good couples work going on out there, from all kinds of different theoretical points of view.  You don’t work the same way I work, I say awesome; but for the sake of this homework blog, how we do our therapy doesn’t matter. What I do care about here, on this page, is the common ground that we share–  that most of us prefer, toward the end of creating positive change for our clients, to send our couples out the door with homework to practice during the week.  Real Change, I like to say, happens in the Real World, not so often in my cozy little office.  Isn’t that why we give couples those often quirky little ideas to say or do with each other during the week?

So this page is an opportunity; an opportunity for me to pass on a favorite homework assignment each month or so.  But also, my hope is, that YOU will also see fit to share.  Your favorite, sure-fire, never-miss assignments.  Or perhaps one you just developed last hour, and would like to shout it out.  Or even, homework that you thought would blow their socks off and somehow came up flat.

So let’s use this page to share and to learn.  If you’re willing, I know I am, please start sharing and let’s see what happens.  Maybe together, we’ll help change some more relationships along the way.– L.

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